MicroBloggingMD Basic Features

Your personal MicroBlog feed updates real-time with patient-specific information. Choose to subscribe to secure text messages for critical lab values, patient admits, discharges, and transfer notifications, provider conversations and more.

    MicroBloggingMD offers a flexible configuration including:
  • • Pharmacy Clinical Decision Support/Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit
  • • ADT Alerts for Case Management
  • • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Coordination
  • • Secure Shared Patient Notes for Residency Programs
  • • HIPAA Compliant Enterprise Secure Messaging
  • • Pager Replacement
  • • On-Call Calendar
  • • Mobile EHR
MicroBloggingMD Device Feature Flow

Information is delivered in the order it is processed allowing providers to act on the most current information available.

MBMD flowchart